Samagra Vikas Welfare Society (SVWS)

About SVWS

Samgra Vikas Welfare Society (SVWS) is a non government organization registered under the societies act 21, 1860. The main objectives of the society are to promote a holistic approach in order to improve quality of life and socio- economic conditions of farming community in the villages. Since India lives in villages, hence our society which is managed by well qualified youth intends to demonstrate that if dedicated and joint efforts are made, life even in remote villages can see light of development. The society aims to bring advance knowledge in door steps of the farming community. To meet these objectives, we are concentrating on the following activities.

Vision :

• 'Integrate compatible techniques of organic systems which can address current crises and assure sustainable agriculture'.
• The organization is committed for improving the economical conditions of the rural communities through agriculture (i.e. commercial cropping system) and small house industries.
• Society is committed to bringing about lasting personal and social change, especially for the rural communities; with a focus on nurturing the potential of every child, improving the nation's health and well-being.
• The SVWS enables youths, adults, families and communities to be healthy, confident, connected and secure.


Mission :

• “To develop country as major hub in organic production for domestic and export market.
• Establish linkages between farmers and stakeholders to achieve the goal.
• Encourage research and training in the field of agriculture that farmers could cultivate the crops according to the changing climate.
• Overall development of country through improving socio-economical condition of rural communities.
• Work for the health of rural masses especially for the women and child that we can support the government agencies to make India as a healthy nation.
• Work towards a sustainable area which can provide the better and long earning opportunities to the rural people especially for the youths.
Regular publication of magazine in Hindi on the name of Star Krishi (a monthly agricultural magazine) publishing every month on topical issues i.e. plans of government, success stories and articles of agriculture experts for technical support of farmers and our broad range of readers.
• Organization of Kisan Gosthi.
• Organization of conferences and seminars.
• Recently we conceived concept of Model Village (Adarsh Gram) which we intend to demonstrate in few select villages. A brief account of Model Village which has been conceived is enumerated below.
Our concept of model village is besides the common living facilities i.e. residences for stay of rural population, education, medical health care facilities, and the village should be self sufficient in:
• Produce most of their food requirement in the village;
• There is no use of any agro chemicals in production;
• Village should have safe drinking water for human, animal and agriculture;
• Happy and healthy life enjoyed by the village community;
• There should be coherence in the village community;
Now question arises is it possible under the current situations?
• Hence we would like to appreciate altogether a new concept which can address the current crises and assure modest living in the villages.